• Advocates for the Creative.

    Welcome to Kikao Law. Here, you will meet young, smart and knowledgable advocates who understand the creative process that drives athletes, artists and innovators in Kenya.

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  • Supporting Innovation

    The Kikao Law team will walk with you through your journey of innovation. We help you understand the nature of your ideas and how they can be protected.

  • Sports Law

    With the same well-coordinated, strategic teamwork that has enabled our athletes to excel globally, Kikao Law represents our clients in complex, high profile transactions sportsmen and women, public organizations, associations and financial institutions.

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  • Gaming and the Law

    Understand how to safeguard your rights in elements of all kinds of games – from video games to board games.

  • IP Litigation

    The Kikao team works with clients to assert legal on infringement of IP rights. Don’t Acquiesce!

  • Entertainment Law

    The Kikao team works across the entertainment industry, representing marquee clients in music, television, radio, theater and other live entertainment, and magazine and book publishing. We help clients develop relationships and secure agreements to exploit their work through multiple channels.

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  • Copyright Law

    For music, film, the arts and literary works – anything you can pen down (or paint down).

  • Technology Law

    Software, hardware, data – any offspring of technology is intellectual property that one could protect.

  • Fashion Law

    There’s more to fashion that just buying and selling. Fashion is a brainchild of different elements of IP.